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Keykode with PRINT

                      Subject:                              Time:  9:33 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Keykode with PRINT                    Date:  7/25/96

To all,
We have been working on a feature job recently but the elements we get for
transfer are 35mm print copies of the OCN reels.  We are required to read the
keykode from these print dailies and it seems like each reel has different
problems.  Some of the print reels are spliced together so we need to read the
keykode numbers at or close to the cuts.  These are not finished edit material
so the cuts are usually a few feet before needed picture so if the keykode is
reading at least 50% of the bar codes it should be accurate enough to dump
into AVID for off line cutting. The edge density varies from roll to roll and
even within the same roll changes enough to cause the keykode head to need
constant adjustment to get a reasonable amount of the bar codes to read.  Some
of the film exhibits washed out keykode and others have what looks like a
flare drifting in and out of the keykode area.  Since this is a print of the
OCN I can only assume that the OCN has symptoms of light leakage along the
edges of the film or the Keykode of the OCN isn't being properly printed
through to the print.  We are using Keylink for keykode reading and generation
of Flex Files and putting burned in windows on the 3/4 copies.  Most of our
experience in the past has been with OCN which is usually flawless with
Keylink.  What have been the experiences of the TIG members  under these kinds
of conditions?
Dave Corbitt / Manhattan Transfer