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Re: AVID neg cut

> Hello, I am looking for information regarding doing a negative cut 
> on the AVID Film Composer.  (..zap..)
> My main question is what information is needed on the video tape to
> accomplish this

Dear Mister Lost in Cyberspace,

Simply ask your transfer facility to deliver you a transfer list 
such as FleX or ATN in which Keycode and video TC are correlated. 
Using the video TC as its reference, the Film Composer
will deliver a frame accurate Keycode/edge number neg cut list.

Alternatively you could ask your facility to insert a <3LineVitc> 
in which the exact Keycode of each film image is recorded.  
The Avid film composer will be able to read this 3LineVitc by the 
time ((in a couple of months)) you will edit your film.

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