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Re: Keykode with PRINT

> Subject:     Keykode with PRINT
> Sent:        25/07/96 13:57
> From:        Dave Corbitt, dc at mte.com
> The edge density varies from roll to roll and even within the same 
> roll changes enough to cause the keykode head to need constant 
> adjustment to get a reasonable amount of the bar codes to read. 
We recently improved the OCN reading with a new Keycode head 
construction, but this would bring too little an improvement 
on PRINT reading rate to solve the problem you are encountering.

> Some of the film exhibits washed out keykode and others have what 
> looks like a flare drifting in and out of the keykode area.  
> Since this is a print of the OCN I can only assume that the OCN has 
> symptoms of light leakage along the edges of the film or the Keykode 
> of the OCN isn't being properly printed through to the print.
(Is it possible for you to have somebody go to the lab and examine 
the OCN itself to see if this is the case ?).

Generally the problem is not coming from a light leak or an improperly 
manufactured OCN, most of the time it is coming - as you assume - 
from the edge printer gate itself.
The only printers which give constant results in terms of density and 
sharpness of the PRINT Keycode are the ones which expose the edge track 
downstream the picture printing area.

For the time being, the solution would be to select the Keylink CATCH 
mode by which the system waits for the first good Keycode reading well
within the take (sometimes it takes two to three seconds), then spreads 
the good keycode numbers to the whole take down the in-point.
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