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Re: Keykode with PRINT

Dave Corbitt wrote:
> Since this is a print of the OCN I can only assume that the OCN
> has symptoms of light leakage along the
>edges of the film or the Keykode of the OCN isn't being properly printed
>through to the print.

I have read KK from tons of 35mm print dailies with my keylink and only rarely
have had a 
problem. If  you are seeing light leakage (foging) on the KK side of the film I
would contact the
lab that made the print rightaway. The OCN must be checked to see if it is
fogged.  If the ocn 
is the culprit  the lab must tell the DP ASAP! If on the otherhand the OCN is OK
then the lab 
must check it's printing equipment to be sure it is protecting the KK side. 

In my experience the Keylink will read at 100 percent with 35mm print. the KK
should update no more than 13 or 14 frames after a cut.

Jim Mann