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Rank AC Power

Our Rank had various problems - positional hum, color instabiliby, you name it.

 At therecommendation of electrical engineers, freelance engineers, and Rank
engineers we spent considerable monies and energy to provide our MKIIIC with as
clean as power as was possible.

This was accomplished by installing a 480 to 240 transformer, breaker panel,
etc to supply just the telecine and associated equipment (daVince, frame
stores, switcher, etc) which, in turn, was supplied as close as possible the
the building supply.  This seemed to help our problems greatly.

Looking at the distrubuted power inside the Rank, the power harmonic distorsion
is as bad, or worst as the power that we just cleaned up.

Do we rewire the power control panel with larger wire to reduce the harmonic
distorsion, remove the solid state relay, ??.

Any one have words on this.