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Re: Gamma & Density

Mark Arcieri wrote:
> Earlier I posed a question about the Gamma & Density charts.  I should have
> generalized the question to what I was looking for.  I want to know if any
> colorists have used it in a M.O.W. or Feature, and if it was helpful or a
> hindance.  Sorry for the confusion.
> Regard
> Mark Arcieri
> Arcieri Productions
> Toronto, Canada
> -----
To date I have used the G&D charts and reference films on two low 
budget features with great success. The DP's were happy and I was 
impressed at how much closer to the real world G&D films are as 
opposed to TAF's (of course that wouldn't take much). I reccomend them 
to everyone that walks in my room. Hope this helps.

Martin Zeichner
Magno Sound and Video