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Occupational respawning


You know many of us in the telecine profession enjoy changing seats
occasionally. There certainly are many colorists who move from room to room,
and from facility to facility with ease. There must be some shortcuts to
re-building your daVinci desktop and color memories from facility to
facility. I realize not all memories can be recaptured due to telecine
inconsistencies, but what can be used as a template to make changing systems

My question to other daVinci users is: when changing facilities or systems,
what configuration, .rc, macro, or other environment files can be copied
from your source system and used in your target system? What is the best way
to deal with making your desktop and configs portable? Is there a jiffy perl
script to archive these system files as root to a floppy, or is there a
backup method through the DUI itself?

On a secondary issue has anyone else upgraded the daVinci INDY to 64Mb of
RAM, and noticed faster system response?


Bob Festa                                   Festa at pacbell.net
Director of Telecine                        Festa at holydig.com
Hollywood Digital                           213 465 0101
6690 Sunset Blvd  Hollywood, Ca 90028