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Abekas A53D Question

Hi, all:

Greetings from 1987!

In my quest to build a truly anachronistic telecine room, I have gathered
together an FDL60 (or two, need those parts!) and a DaVinci Classic.  

So far so good.  But I want to add a DVE to permit low-grade X-Y zoom and
also reducing image size for film editing on video...  etc.

I got (a very good deal) an Abekas A53D (sans warp).  But it's the composite
version.  Not a bad picture, but I'd like to use it in the  DVE loop
(component) on the DaVinci (intended for an ADO/ATX or whatever the component
version was called).

So, I have the possibility of doing a swap of my A53D for the component
version.  The component version was shipped to me to check out -- and, naive
me, I was expecting analog ins and outs.  This unit has 25 pin (parallel) 601
input, but both digital and analog outs.  No analog input.

I am told there is a box from Abekas (the A20 I think) that will give me
analog component ins (transcoding analog to 601).  Is this the best way to
go?  Any quality tradeoffs I should be aware of?  Any other box that is

Other alternatives are:  forget about using the loop on the DaVinci and just
use the analog composite A53 as is.  I don't really like the idea of going
analog composite, but then again most of you probably don't love the idea of
going analog!  Advantage here is that my composite GVG100 can be kept...  ;-)

Or...  I could downgrade to prosumer gear and get a Pinnacle Aladdin (which
NASA uses and likes, I hear, on their similar telecine setup) which also
gives me a switcher, tho no real control panels.  

Any advice appreciated!

On another note, it is time to get a real monitor.  I can't afford and
certainly don't merit the cool new Sonys...  I was leaning towards the PVM
series (probably the 1954) but some have said I really need to make the
plunge to a BVM grade monitor.

Is this true?  Am I deluding myself thinking a low end monitor will do?
 Remember, my formats are Beta SP and 1" (and worse), and you know the rest
of my setup!  Any suggestions?

Any and all advice and crank mail greatly appreciated!  Post here or Email...


Jeff Kreines