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Re: Occupational respawning

On Aug 5, 20:47, Bob Festa wrote:
} Subject: Occupational respawning

respawning?  ..good use of a term normally geared towards unix Bob.
Such respawning, for me, can result in turbidity, though turgid the
salary can make.

> You know many of us in the telecine profession enjoy changing seats
> occasionally. 

This is not an overstatement.

> to deal with making your desktop and configs portable? Is there a jiffy perl
> script to archive these system files as root to a floppy, or is there a
> backup method through the DUI itself?

tar'ing 'em up to a floppy shouldn't be difficult.  'tar cvf /dev/fd0
*.rc' to create and 'tar xvf /dev/fd0' to extract (IRIX probably calls
the floppy something other than /dev/fd0).  GNU tar is better but I
don't suppose it's available.


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