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Re: Rank AC Power

Grounding mods, Improved Power supply regulators (With fans, thank 
you!).  MuMetal, Relatively clean AC power, and about a million .1uf 
caps on every card power supply connection for decoupling....
Follow that with snubbing of switching noise on PEC voltages, improved 
preamps (and the power that feeds them), PMTs, check for that old 
devil dirt in the cellbox, re-position the wiring to decrease 
interaction between different devices within the loom, then through 
out the black & white shading boards and replace them, then re-design 
them so the work properly in tandem, improve focus stability, then 
re-visit grounding and MuMetal again, keep an eye on the condition of 
the mirrors, remove highlights within crt light area, give your 
colorist a good reference starting point with what-ever film you 
choose...  All this and you'll have a nice pix!   Jan Janowski Optimus