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Re: Occupational respawning

Bob Festa asked: "when changing facilities or systems,
what configuration, .rc, macro, or other environment files can be copied
from your source system and used in your target system?"

On the daVinci dui systems, the configuration files can be backed up to
floppy, using the BACKUP menu, and selecting CONFIGURATIONS as the backup
mode. The configuration files have all the pertinent setup info except the
desktop layout, and the macros. The desktop layout is saved with every
session, so you can just save a short session to floppy, and have that data.
The macros are the hardest to get to floppy. For that, you'll have to go to
an IRIX shell, and manually copy the Mfg.mac file in your colorist Data
directory to floppy. Please feel free to contact me if you need more detailed
info on this process.


Dwaine Maggart
daVinci West Coast Field Service