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Pandora demo schedule

--- Forwarded mail from Johan Gardelius <100334.2344 at CompuServe.COM>

We at Pandora are preparing a full day of demonstrations and are
looking forward to seeing you at 3900 West Alameda Ave., 18th floor,
on Wednesday, August 14th, for demonstrations of our by far most
dazzling developments yet. Everything on show has increased
productivity in mind.

On show will be:
. POGLE Platinum, the new SGI based interface
. DCP with ESR, the all new multi-channel colour corrector

Please let Grant Knox at Effective Engineering (818-841 4437)
grantjr at effeng.com) know that you will be attending, and roughly at
what time, as we have allowed the full day for demonstartions.

Johan Gardelius
Director of Marketing & Sales
Pandora International

--- End of forwarded message from Johan Gardelius <100334.2344 at CompuServe.COM>