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Re: S.G.I. system backup

3/08/96 Craig Nichols wrote:
>Has anyone attempted to use a Iomega SCSI Jazz Drive for SGI backup?  
>The removable cartridges each hold 1 MB, and are pretty much the same 
>speed as a hard drive. I'm playing with one on a Accom DIS still store,
>as so far it shows some promise.

don't you think it would be good to wait another few weeks until Syquest 
releases its system, and then select one of the two 'Gig +' cartridges:
- Iomega 'JAZ' (1 Gb, 15ms seek time)
- Syquest 'SYJET' (1.3 Gb,11ms s.t.). 
It would be a blessing if some of the many engineers of our list could 
test and recommend the cartridge that would best meet our 
film/audio/video needs.
This single cartridge would on one hand complement the 3.5" 1.4 Mb floppy 
for heavy (image carrying) transfer databases, 
and on the other provide a really TRANSPORTABLE audio disc that could 
circulate through all the post-prod stages (telecine sync, editing, 
final mixing), and between the many equipment manufacturers.

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