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Re: S.G.I. system backup

>Jp Beauviala <aaton.jp at alpes-net.fr writes:
>don't you think it would be good to wait another few weeks until Syquest 
>releases its system, and then select one of the two 'Gig +' cartridges:
>- Iomega 'JAZ' (1 Gb, 15ms seek time)
>- Syquest 'SYJET' (1.3 Gb,11ms s.t.). 

Maybe that's why Iomega stock recently took a little dive?  Faster seek
times are not always faster under real operating conditions. Your mileage
may vary. We got the Jaz ($489 for external and  $90 per cartridge) because
we needed immediate relief for a nearly full Accom DIS still store 1 GB
drive. The Jaz works okay for backup of the Accom DIS still store, but on
the DUI, the Indy thinks that it is a floppy drive.  No one at da Vinci
knows how to remedy this, but they appear interested to find out.  I've got
a call into SGI, so maybe some year I'll get an answer. I'd be curious to
try the Syjet on DUI. I'd probably become impatient waiting for tape backup,
and it would be hard to book suffcient time anyway. I've seen the Jaz used
on the Sadie, and as the medium on a Zaxcom hard disk audio recorder. What's
the target price of the Syjet?
Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video