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Re: S.G.I. system backup

Recently put in a server here including the now prepress industry accepted
SyQuest EZdrive holding 135Mb. While it is little in comparison with Jean Pierre
Beauviala's (didnt know you where listenig in) info on the forthcomming Gig
capacity from the same manufacturer, the media is not expensive and allows
viewing in many DTP setups as it is most probable that the hardware is in place.

Since SCSI has now become such an easy and versatile industry format, even
across boundaries like DTP and postproduction it is not uncommon that people
actully carry the entire drive with them when gion from facility to facility.
Most computers today will automatically identify a new SCSI device, up and go in
minutes. This opens up the possibility to actually access the new generation of
Ultra Wide/Fast 4 gigabyte drives that are popping up from a numbers of
wellknown manufacturers. At costs this part of the industry is not used to I
shall add.
Mike Reichel
"We are all born originals, most die as copies though"