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Re: Reply to your last e-mail

On Aug 12, 23:32, PAOLO LOPEZ wrote:
} Subject: Reply to your last e-mail

> Hi Rob, this is Benito (e-mail:cristina at skyinet.net). 

> If on the other hand, you or any of your subscribers would want to
> know what the business and job prospects are over here (South East
> Asia as a whole), write me any time!  One last thing, I was indeed
> asking about the Klone by Rank Cintel. Furthermore, do they have a
> website or even an e-mail address?

posting the above to the group as it could be of interest to many.
Benito, I can direct you to Simon Carter of Rank who is at
'100336.37 at compuserve.com'; I don't believe there is a website
associated with Rank Cintel.


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