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Re: DUI on LAN

On Aug 15, 14:25, Eric Maurer wrote:
} Subject: DUI on LAN

> The Indy requires the IP address to remain constant
> to communicate to davinci main frame.........so if you want
> to access a LAN you have change the IP address and reboot...then
> change the IP address back to commincate
> to the DV mainframe...all in all pretty messy....any thoughts????

that sounds a bit weird, but I don't have a DUI here at the moment--
how does the Indy communicate with the daVinci mainframe-- via
ethernet?  If so, then this is a LAN by definition, and IP addresses
shouldn't have to be 'changed' just to accomodate other hosts.  But
I'll let those who know more jump in and explain it to me.

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