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Re: DUI on LAN

Eric Maurer (Hi Eric!) wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone has had any luck configuring
>their Indy on a LAN so that they can move edl's around.
>The Indy requires the IP address to remain constant
>to communicate to davinci main frame.........so if you want
>to access a LAN you have change the IP address and reboot...then
>change the IP address back to commincate
>to the DV mainframe...all in all pretty messy....any thoughts????

Well no, I haven't actually done it, but as far as I can tell, the IP
address of the DaVinci frame CAN be changed (I think it's in non-volatile or
something) through the terminal interface.  Given that, the frame and host
can be addressed to the same network, host file updated, and in fact.....IF
the above is true....I see no reason that you couldn't throw it onto an IP
router/ether switch to keep the traffic segregated, and route to and from
the rest of your network.
As to whether the DaVinci company line would support this notion, even if it
is do-able.......well that's another issue.

Another solution is to get a second ethernet interface in the Indy. The IP
address of a machine is actually that of the interface, not the
machine......so you could actually set the second interface up on your
network with its own IP address, keep IP forwarding turned off, and the
traffic from each would not interfere with each other.


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