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Re: avid media recorder

>Just wondering who's using the Avid Media Recorder, for what
>applications and how it's behaving.  Haven't seen any recent 
>postings on this. -bt

The great MRT . . . , sadly, suffered from a lack of vision as to how to 
market it.  It is an innovative product which can fit many a niche.  In 
every single case where it was used it was carefully evaluated against 
conventional mediums and methods.  In those cases in which it was chosen, 
it was the clear winner.

The point, though, is that it is incumbent upon the facility selling the 
service to carefully evaluate (pre-pro) the many factors of each job to 
determine whether or not it ultimately serves the client by reducing, 
costly, time.  In one textbook example we saved a client an estimated 14 
hours of digitizing time.

My last conversation with a source at Avid indicated that meaningful 
support for marketing the MRT had been shelved, because they felt their 
other products deserved more attention.  I think this is just a 
manifestation of the original problem - not being sure how to market it.

It's unfortunate, that in the midst of all of the developing technologies 
and techniques in post production that the tape dailies process continues 
to lack a high end product in general use (such as the MRT) which is well 
understood by the producers (us) and the recievers (editor's), that makes 
use of common data exchange practices used in every other post-production 
process influenced by computers.