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Re: Telecine Thecnical Information

On Aug 17,  3:07, Eduardo Mateos wrote:
} Subject: Telecine Thecnical Information

> I am a Thecnical Engineer of Telecomunication in the speciality of Image 
> and Sound and now I am doing a study of Telecine working and I need 
> every kind of information about this topic. Thank´s and excume for my 
> English.

}-- End of excerpt from Eduardo Mateos

Eduardo, I will forward your request to the telecine group.  We are
about 600 people around the world discussing telecine.  There are many
manufacturers here who will be happy to give you information, perhaps
some of them will write to you personally.

Let me know if you would like to subscribe to the mailing list for our
group.  Where are you located in Spain?


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