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1st issue...
Got a job comming up in which the client wants on their flex data file not
the acmade code but also the print keycode.  We wish to use the autologging
feature on the latest version of TLC in conjunction with the Evertz 4025.

There are two points I'm concerned about.
1)  The integrity of the database info recorded in the flex.
2)  The integrity of the window info from the Evertz.

Concerning the above statements, experience has shown when rolling from
consecutive keycode # 's to a different # (at a film splice), occasionally
either the Evertz and/or the TLC need an adjustment or a reset to
re-establish the correct keycode perf identification.  How is this done "on
the fly" with no opportunity to check for errors.

2nd issue...
Is it possible to delay the TLC trigger point when the autologging is
I have found that the TLC doesn't have an opportunity to update the new
and in some instinces the TLC records the previous keycode.

Any comments?