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Re: DUI on LAN

re: dui on a LAN

Eric: both the dui Indy and rtc IP addresses CAN be changed, but that is not
recommended. It is also not recommended (as Andy Sackheim has previously
stated in this group) to hook the dui to another in-house LAN full time, as
we could not then guarantee that all Indy/rtc traffic could occur as needed
if something else on the LAN was hogging bandwidth. 
However, there's no problem hooking the Indy up to your in-house LAN on an
as-needed basis to move stuff to/from the Indy, if desired. There is no need
to change the Indy IP address to do this, unless it conflicts with something
else on your LAN that is set to  the same IP address, which is unlikely. The
Indy IP address is normally set to Anything else on your LAN
should be able to use TCP/IP to telnet or ftp into the Indy as needed. You
can also telnet or ftp from the Indy to something else on your LAN, if you
know its IP address. 

If you have any further questions about this, feel free to contact myself, or
daVinci customer service in Fort Lauderdale.