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Re: Autologging

>There are two points I'm concerned about.
>1)  The integrity of the database info recorded in the flex.
>2)  The integrity of the window info from the Evertz.
>Concerning the above statements, experience has shown when rolling from
>consecutive keycode # 's to a different # (at a film splice), occasionally
>either the Evertz and/or the TLC need an adjustment or a reset to
>re-establish the correct keycode perf identification.  How is this done "on
>the fly" with no opportunity to check for errors.

If the engineering setup is correct, and you remember to zero the footage 
& frame counter (or the frame counter) every time you either reframe or 
reload the Rank, then you should be assurred of correctly 
read/interpretted data.

Methods for data collection in the telecine suite continue to rely 
heavily upon quality operators working without the benefit of clever 
error checking schemes built into the interface.