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RE> Re- Autologging

>I generally find that the Evertz is a bit prone losing it
>with perf alignment changes, but the TLC seems to get it
>right all of the time.  On all 3 of my systems the only
>number that is non-zero is the head offset at -7.  I have
>never gone through the alignment, simply enter my -7 and
>have no problems.  Am I just lucky?

I agree that the Evertz can be quirky at times.  It has become such a 
habit to check things with each change of camera roll, that I no longer 
think of it as time consuming.  As far as having found an offset for your 
systems . . . "hey if it aint' broke . . ."  my approach when I encounter 
an irregularity is to go through the set-up again; either approach should 


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