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Re: Question for the TIG

>Subject:     Question for the TIG
>Sent:        12/08/96 18:05
>Received:    19/08/96 13:08

>Can anyone point me to a web site or other source of market research
>information regarding the percentage of the population that has large 
>screen television sets in their homes?  
>Please respond directly to me to save TIG bandwidth.

Hello Dave, 
there is a British monthly publication *Screen Digest* in which 
you should find such statistics.

*Screen Digest, 37 Gower Street, London WG1E 6HH, tel +44 171 580 2842
fax +44 171 580 0060*

*On line Screen Digest can be accessed via Dialog, DataStar, FT Profile, 
Maid, Questel, Dow Jones. Details: Information Access Company USA 
tel 415 358 4643 fax 415 358 4759*