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Sadie editing system


>>I would like to here from the manufacturers and some users of the Sadie 
editing system. If anyone has a phone number please E-mail. I also need 
information on anyone who may be using it w/out keylink or TLC. Can you 
chase directly from an Evertz tc out? How does it manage wild sound? Can 
you load while you playback? Thanks in advance for the info. Vince<<

The phone number of Studio Audio in UK is 01353-648888 - sorry I've forgotten
the international code.

Two E-mail contacts are 
Steve Penn 100431.1401 at Compuserve.com
Ted Heyton 100303.1141 at Compuserve.com.
both on the SADiE sales team in UK.

Their US contact is Jeff Boggs 74204.1407 at Compuserve.com

We use eight SADiE's and a large part of our business is synching sound - I
presume from your message that synching is what you are interested in.    We
normally sync to clapper boards and our operation is manual - i.e. we sync sound
to picture and lay this to the BETA (normally) master time code with no
reference to any information from telecines.

SADiE will chase to any valid timecode so it should work from the output of an
Evertz box.    The machine will also record rushes and place the material on its
playlist according to the time of day code of the rushes.   The rushes can then
be replayed in chase lock to a feed of camera timecode from a telecine.   The
delay in restarting after a change in incoming timecode is about two seconds.

The present version of software will not allow loading while you play back,  but
the new version (now in BETA test) is supposed to allow this.    However I don't
think you will be able to load  in timecode lock and replay in timecode lock at
the same time since you only have one timecode input available.

I think the handling of wild sound is more a responsibility of the operator
rather than the machine,  and also the requirements of the cutting rooms getting
the material.    Basically it is up to the operator to gather all the items of
wild sound and place them on the video tapes,  or other blacked tapes, to the
requirements of the editor.

I hope this is of some help.

Jim Guthrie.
Sprockets & Bytes Ltd.
Bristol/Denham.  UK.


  E-mail from: Jim Guthrie, 22-Aug-1996