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Aaton lowdown for IBC

Hello Dave,
> Unfortunately, no one from my company will be going to IBC this year 
> so maybe some of you out there can give the group the low down on what 
> those of us not going will be missing.

If you don't go to Amsterdam, you will miss Rembrandt's Ronde de Nuit 
(what is it called in English?), not to mention less mentionable =
This might be secondary, but you will also miss *InstantSync*, a new 
Keylink feature to be introduced at IBC. It delivers on-the-fly =
dailies right on the telecine with zero sound delay at the start of =
take. InstantSync consists of three things: a new AatonCode =
reader, a Keylink internal drive for JAZ or SYJET Gb+ removable 
cartridges, a new audio file format called *FilmWave*, tailored to =
origination needs.

FilmWave uses Microsoft WAVE format and adds a descriptor chunk that 
handles audio-sync data as well as AatonCode-specific field 
parameters. This is a joint Aaton / Sadie development, and it will be 
supported by various other manufacturers (Digigram, etc).

Being an open format, FilmWave will be accessible by those vendors =
handling WAVE (the standard of the multimedia industry, as you know). 
A single FilmWave audio cartridge will flow through the whole =
chain, and be put to work successively on:
field recording =8B>rush transfer =8B>non linear editing =8B>final =

If you can't make it to Amsterdam, read the FilmWave tutorial on 
www.sadie.com or on our site; you will have the lowdown, at least on 
audio sync.


P.S. The JAZ vs SYJET selection day is getting closer. What's your =

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