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K-scope Pearl Whites and other "K" looks in Postproduction

Thanks to all for your help about K-scope.

I am familiar with its prices but, I discarded Kaleidoscope and Kadenza for
post-production four years ago so at present we drive our whole facility by
means of boxes (HAL, EDITBOX and Flame).

You might understand I will not purchase a K-scope channel I can't book in
any other suite for a once in a year telecine session.

I will appreciate colorists creating image looks with K-scope to refere a
brief description of "pearl whites" or any other popular K-scope look and
your opinions about re-creating it in post by means of Flame.

Adrian Costoya <acostoya at starnet.net.ar>
Engineering Manager
Metrovision Producciones S.A.
Buenos Aires - Argentina