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accuracy of keycode readers and 'shot logs'

 In response to the many notes on the accuracy
of keycode readers and data bases I must point out that 
my Aaton Keylink never needs adjustment,never needs 
'centering, and never displays anything but accurate 
numbers.Also,since the Keylink burns my choice of 
12 windows as well as logging the data with perfect
accuracy in FLX,FTL,ATN and Aatonbase formats while 
syncing my dailies with 'chase-sync' ease,I only need the 
one system to perform the tasks of many.By the way,I can
also display and log keycode and acmade or footage and 
frame counts simultaneously.
  After reading the horror stories of late about how users
must constantly watch for errors on other systems I  think
it is time to put the pressure on the manufacturers,not the 
colorists to assure accurate data is being displayed and 
logged.I personally have enough chores to perform already.