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Rank filters

--- Forwarded mail from Marcos Frutig <marcos2 at nutecnet.com.br>

Hi everybody, I'm looking for a filter system for my rank. I've
learned there is one Trans/EFX from Options International Inc..  What
I'd like to know is if there are any other brands available and how
can I contact them.  Thank you, Marcos Frutig.

--- End of forwarded message from Marcos Frutig <marcos2 at nutecnet.com.br>

Marcos, I know that Blake Jones in Amsterdam
(74437.666 at CompuServe.COM) markets a filter drawer:

Blake writes: "I'm doing marketing for a product from Vibrant UK, it
is the telecine filter drawer which accepts standard 4x4 camera
filters and also comes with an insert for professional cokin type
filters. The price of the drawer is 500 English Pounds."