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"Gold" reel hold down hubs

To the group,

Re: Ursa Gold hold down hubs:
Recently, It happened that the button on the hub that disengages the roll
pins would stick in the down position and never quite grab the spindle when
released.  It seems the hardened steel pins inside the hub were galling the
softer brass boss.  No amount of 3-in-1 oil will cure it.

My fix was to open up the pin guide holes a couple of mils and apply a dab
of oil so the pins would guide through cleanly.  In time however, the
problem will come back as the guide holes wear. 

Anyway I'm curious if anyone else has dealt with this before and what did
you do about it.  I would suggest the brass boss should be drilled out and a
couple of hardened steel dowels pressed in for the roll pins to guide
through thus preventing the galling.

Is there a similar type of hub used on the Turbo II?

Dean Humphus