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Re: Re; Pearl Whites/Poll

Rob asked;

>>I'd like to poll the group as to how many colorists use the Kscope
>>regularly, and in what types of jobs?  Are you using the Kscope's
>>output direct, or mixing it back with the TK?

We use the device on a very regular basis and over the last two years
there has been a marked increase in its use for commercial spots
rather than music videos.  Generally it is still of most benefit for beauty
shots but it is used now more as an overall effect and many Directors
and DP's shoot and light with its use in mind.

Perhaps as much as a quarter of our work will now involve the Kscope
which is almost as high a  percentage that use other filter effects such
as Promists or vaseline gel  and indeed it is not uncommon to use
it in conjunction with these other types of filter.

The full effect of the Kscope can only really be obtained when you can
play the  "softening" against the range of a set of RGB master primary
controls either in the Rank or the grading system and this makes it very
difficult to achieve the same results elsewhere in the Facility.  When you 
add in further grading tools such as contained primary correction and
single colour isolation coupled with the real time nature of the TK suite
it makes the process very slow when carried out on other platforms.

It is also possible to use the Kurl effects to increase the range of  picture
manipulation from the Ursa but , as the unit is a  "software island", the
integration of these effects into a session can be a bit difficult.

Seamus O'Kane
VTR London