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Re: accuracy of keycode readers and 'shot logs'

C R Coonfield posted:

>> In response to the many notes on the accuracy
>>of keycode readers and data bases I must point out that 
>>my Aaton Keylink never needs adjustment,never needs 
>>'centering, and never displays anything but accurate 

This is also true for the systems we have within the VTR Grp. 
A quick pre transfer test with either the Aaton supplied test film
or a known House reference is sufficient to confirm the systems
accuracy and any adjustments made for either matrix exposure
or relative position are quickly done from this point.

Aaton are very responsive to user feedback and the system has
evolved into a management centre for all of the data involved in 
the film process whilst becoming more user orientated.

Seamus O'Kane 
VTR Ltd. London