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MKIIIc hair pulling problem

fmcarthy at indigo.ie (fergus mc carthy)
Dear Fergus

We had a same sort of problem with our newer MKIIIC. The symptoms sound like
yours but we found that the ramp, routed through the Cell Box preamps, was very

After replaceing CRT, PEC's, PEC preamps/socket, rewiring the power to the
Rank/associated equipment, countless hours of troubleshooting, had a Rank
engineer here two times, nothing!  Still did it.

I think it is finally under control and this is what I did to, hopefully,
minimize the problem:  added a ground wire from the Cell Box McMurdo, pins 17,
18, I think it's those pins,, (I'm home writing this).  Check the pins but this
is the ground system inside the Cell Box. And at the same time I added a + -
12volt, 3.5 amp linear supply, in the overbridge, to power the preamps in the
Cell Box.

I don't know which (maybe both helped) fixed the problem, as they were done at
the same time.

Maybe it is not really fixed as the problem is very intermittant and could be
dormant at this time. I plan to let you know, later, if it is fixed.


Alan Burnham
Sr Engineer
WickerWorks Video
Englewood (Denver) Colorado USA
303 741-3400 voice
303 771-8418 FAX
a.burnham at genie.com