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Re: KScope parallel clock jitter

>We, AJA Video, also manufacture a miniature serializer with a
>crystal jitter filter, model C10PS-CF, which corrects this problem
>on KScope and other equipment. In the case of KScope it would be
>better to address the problem at the source as above.
John Abt
AJA Video

I"ve tested this serializer, and found it to quite good at reducing jitter.
The only method I found that might work better in very stubborn
circumstances is a quite expensive one (i.e. using a Technice 6060 or other
framestore). This reduced a 1.7 ns jitter source to 450 ps. The AJA
serializer I tested on a Rank reduced jitter from 1.7 ns down to 600 ps. The
unit I tested was an early prototype, and now that the filter has been
optimized, the production units should be even better. The framestore frame
and card is about $5K, while, if I recall correctly, John's serializer goes
for under $850. 
Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video Services