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Problem film flats

                      Subject:                              Time:  11:37 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Problem film flats                    Date:  9/4/96

Here's another puzzler for the group.  Client supplies 35 ocn flats for
dailies transfers for eventual AVID off-line.  Each flat is a continuous
unspliced camera roll.  Midway through the flat between takes the framing hops
a perf or two.  We find out this is caused by the cameraman pulling the lens
off and checking the film path and somehow slipping the film to check
registration.  We now have a reel of film to transfer with a perf / framing
change.  Normally the dailies transfer guy would stop the film, slip it in the
gate to reframe, and do a TLC pick up edit.  The negative cutter calls three
months later and says we have a big problem, the video dailies don't line up
with actual film due to the out of frame portions of the film even though the
colorist took great care to keep the video portion continuous.  Has anyone
else run in to this and what do you do other than flag the problem to the
client?  Is the reel untransferable?  Why shouldn't a pick up edit work?
Dave Corbitt