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IBC product

I've got prototypes working for a new product that will be shown at IBC. I 
would like to ask those of you who will be there to check it out and give me 
some feedback. The product is a Digital Proc Amp (601 serial I/O) that 
dynamically adjusts chroma amplitude in 4:2:2 to maintain legal encoded 
composite levels. This protects against encoder distortion or transmitter 
overdriving with the extreme levels that can look fine in digital component. 
It also has manual adjustments for gains, pedestal, hue shift and Y/C delay. 
I'm still doing some tweaking in the lab prior to production release, but I 
think the prototypes look pretty good. 

I welcome any feedback - be brutal if you must!

Robert Stenzel      RStenzel at gnn.com	  vox: 610-327-2292
Project Engineer    Videotek Inc.	  fax: 610-327-9295

Robert Stenzel - Project Engineer
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