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Re: Problem film flats

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4/09/96 15:43 Dave Corbitt wrote:
> Here's another puzzler for the group. ...<del>...
> Midway through the flat between takes the framing hops a perf or two. 
> We find out this is caused by the cameraman pulling the lens off 
> and checking the film path and somehow slipping the film to check
> registration. Normally the dailies transfer guy would stop the film,
> slip it in the gate to reframe, and do a TLC pick up edit.

Whenever the film is slipped over the gate upstream sprocket 
(or partially unloaded), the perf count is lost: 
you must EXIT the 'direct transfer' screen, and immediately reenter.
(see Kl v.6.0 page 19, s7.11a).

All current transfer parameters being memorized, it's a 10 sec deal.
This quick operation creates another file in which 
the frame line to Keycode dot position is automatically 
and instantly recognized and taken care of. 

At the end of the work, open the List Editor and simply 'merge' the files 
of each jumping roll prior to making FleX, ATN etc. lists.
(see Kl v.6.0 page 22, s10.7b)

That's it!


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