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Re: Problem film flats

Hi Dave,  I hope I got your question right.

>   Midway through the flat between takes the framing hops
> a perf or two.  We find out this is caused by the cameraman pulling the lens
> off and checking the film path and somehow slipping the film to check
> registration.  We now have a reel of film to transfer with a perf / framing
> change.  Normally the dailies transfer guy would stop the film, slip it in the

The reason why the pick-up edit will not work is because the keycode distance will be 
shorter or longer, by a perf or two, where the TC operator stopped to reframe .  
Therefore, the Avid, who thinks that there was no splice (because the tape timecode is 
continuous) would be confused when making the negative cutlist.

A way to go around this is to treat the film after the frame skip as a separate roll.  
And start a new event on the timecode and keycode.  This will now reflect in the Flex 
file that will go to the Avid and it will be able to tell that there was a break.  I 
suggest that you punch a hole or add a leader to mark the new roll.

I hope this helps.


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