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state of the group September 1996

The purpose of this message is to apprise new and old subscribers
alike on the status of our 'telecine internet group' and introduce a
couple of new things.

The telecine internet group is 2.25 years old, and we're approaching
600 mailinglist subscribers.  We continue to have participation on
posted subjects of interest, including rumors and their squelching,
technical problems and tips, product announcements, and general
rhubarb (For Marcos, Magda, and Ricardo: rhubarb e' giria significa
blahblahblah).  The quality of posts to the group has remained high,
despite the size-- perhaps there's an inverse law working here, that
the noise decreases as the group size increases, a bit of intimidation
as cause.  Anyway, it's a pleasure to be hosting a mailinglist and
webpage for such a varied and illustrious group.   Don't forget that
all of the messages from the group's beginning are available on the
webpage (http://www.alegria.com/telecinehome.html).  A deep resource.


The group has been running on a voluntary subscription contribution of
$25 (minimum) per year, and some people have contributed this or more
(see 'http://www.alegria.com/telecine/donors.html').  However, I'm not
breaking even yet.  Ongoing cost is the internet connection at
$375/month; I won't mention here the startup costs of the equipment
and setup, but I'll send these figures to anyone who's interested.
Subscription fees will remain voluntary for individuals (suggested
$25/year), but I'm going to heed some advice and charge vendors and
manufacturers (v/m's) a mandatory annual $100 (minimum) subscription
fee.  Some have already sent this or more, many haven't sent anything.
Almost all facilities, vendors, and manufacturers have benefitted
--*profitted*-- from this group, and it doesn't make sense that I
should lose money.  If you're a v/m and haven't contributed at least
$100, please send me a check (where to send? details are at
'http://www.alegria.com/telecine/info.html#money', or send me an email
note and I'll send you my address).

I'm not going to 'charge' post facilities a subscription fee at this
time, though I've been advised I should.  There are two facilities in
Hollywood here that have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of
equipment through this mailinglist and webpage who have contributed
zero dollars to the group.  It's really a shame, that email requests
for a few dollars to support this effort are ignored, when the companies
profit quite directly.

New Rule #1: Vendor/manufacturers are to pay a $100 annual
subscription fee.

New Rule #2: No advertisements will be placed on this group without
clearance from me.

The webpage has a new section called 'marketspace' where vendors and
manufacturers can display their logo as a link either to material I
have here on the server (that I'm given-- as in the case of the
Options Newsletter), or to a page on the web somewhere.  Of course the
annual contribution is required for this service...  this is the space
to list products & services.  

vm_lowdown proposal

There have been requests by vendors/manufacturers to post messages to
the group describing the operation of their products, for
informational purposes, not as responses to subscribers' questions,
but initiated by the v/m, as a product is brought to market, or as a
new feature is added.  In the past, these were allowed as long as they
weren't 'marketing-oriented'.  As a further attempt at least to break
even on this group's expenses, and of informational benefit to
subscribers, one message per month per v/m of not more than 50 lines
is allowed, for a fee of $40, where the content of this message is
'tutorial first, product second'.  An example post would be an
announcement of a new software release, describing the changes.
Messages of this type are to be sent directly to me and forwarded to
the group, and will have 'vm_lowdown' in the Subject: field, for
screening purposes.

New Rule #3: vm_lowdown (product
	tutorials/descriptsions/announcements) will be sent to the 
	sysadmin (rob at alegria.com) for screening/reposting/billing.

new features

As mentioned elsewhere, the Optional Newsletter is available in the
marketspace section, thanks to Dave Tosh of Complete Post (editing).
Soon I'll have an alphabetically-sorted member directory of the
mailinglist's subscribers on the webpage, and am knocking around an
idea for a world-map subscriber locator.  But there's only so much
time in the day, and as has been pointed out, the dogs may soon need
counseling for my neglect.  Anybody with interesting ideas is welcome
to propose them.

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Beauviala, Ken Robinson, Dave Tosh, and others for
suggestions and advice.