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State, Sept 1996

I really want to offer my full support to the drive of keeping the TIG
in the black or at least as close as possible.  Being based close to the
end of the world I personaly find the forum allows me to keep in touch
with "1st World" reality, even when it becomes impossible to go to the
shows.  Not to mention being able to overcome problems that I haven't
had yet!

I hope that manufacturers in general will see that they have an
opportunity to educate and discretely advertise through the vm_lowdown
system, and that others like myself will see the benefits in the long

So you tight wads out there, send your money into Rob!!!!     ;-)

Ken Robinson
San Lorenzo 3845
Olivos 1636
Buenos Aires

Tel:    54 1 794 9656 /9657 /9654
Fax:    54 1 799 6202

Humboldt 1967
Piso 3
Capital Federal

Tel:    54 1 777 1560
Fax:    54 1 777 1566

Yield to temptation....it may not pass your way again.
     -- Lazarus Long