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Message from Benjie C. Lopez

Dear Rob:

Read your request and rest be assured that as soon as our 
facility goes on-line I shall be sending you your requested 
donation. It's only fair that for such a valuable service you get 
at least some just compensation. Anyways, despite my near total 
ignorance of the technical intricacies of the telecine, your page has 
and will be a boon to the technical people of our facility. I'm 
basically the marketing and business development person of the company. 
Do you by any chance have know of a page or site that deals in  the 
business state of the worldwide post-production and special 
effects industry? To be a bit more specific, a site or on-line magazine 
that just doesn't talk about the hottest and snazziest technologies but 
the financial state and growth prospects for the industry. One last 
thing if you don't mind is the Philips/Kodak Thundercine a telecine ala 
a Rank Ursa? I'm wondering because I just came across a message that 
said it come part and parcel with the Kodak Cineon system. Thanks and 
hope to hear from you soon.


Benito C. Lopez (email: cristina at skyinet.net)