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Re: Keycode prefixes and software

>Subject:     Keycode prefixes and software
>Sent:        6/09/96 6:54
>Received:    6/09/96 13:38
>From:        Joe  Hathaway, Jbhfilm at aol.com
>To:          telecine at sun.alegria.com
6/09/96 6:54 Joseph Hathaway wrote:
>I found the Keycode deciphering tables interesting.  It brought up a question
>in my daily work.  What versions of software are available for the Evertz,
>Aaton, and TLC that include the most upto date keycode prefix deciphering?  A
>list would be helpful if it listed recent versions of software and which
>prefixes were added?  How often is the software updated to address this
>concern?  Can this information be located on a BBS or Web Site? 

As far as Aaton is concerned, Keylink Version 6.0 deciphers and inserts 
items mentioned in the Keycode deciphering table v.2.

We will put this information on our Web Site, and it will be accessible 
from the telecine group MarketSpace just under the Aaton Logo.

Jean-Pierre Beauviala                               www.alpes-net.fr/aaton