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RE>Re: Thunder and Spirit

>It also has what is known as a 2k data output (actually 1,920 pixels >ac=
ross the film frame in luminance), suitable for feeding into digital >fil=
m workstations.

Not true at present but will have end of year.

>Because of its derivation it uses the same CCD block which is optimised =
>HDTV, so at 2k it cannot quite make real-time scanning:=20

Not true, this is NOT a limitation of the CCD but an interfacing limit at=
 the moment.

>This is academic, as there is no way to
>transmit the data at that speed, so 6 frames a second is about all you >=
can expect at present.

Not true, you can but it would be expensive using multiple fiber channel =
interfaces etc and I guess a different internal change in the datacine.

>It was always the intention for Kodak to produce its own version, and I
>understand it will be formally launched at IBC. The difference, apart >f=
rom the
>paint job, is that Spirit from Philips has raw RGB data output, Thunder =
>Kodak is ready formatted for Cineon.

BTS assure me they will be the same.....but Thunder will be sold as part =
of a system with Cineon software and workstation etc....they tell me.

Perhaps BTS or Kodak can give this group a pre release report on the fact=
s as we are so close to IBC?

Paul G