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Re: Film Code Updates

On Fri, 6 Sep 1996, Jbhfilm at aol.com wrote:
>To the group:
>I found the Keycode deciphering tables interesting....
>What versions of software are available for the Evertz, Aaton, and TLC 
>that include the most upto date keycode prefix deciphering? 

>A list would be helpful if it listed recent versions of software and which
>prefixes were added?  How often is the software updated to address this
>concern?  Can this information be located on a BBS or Web Site? 
>JBHfilm at AOL  (Joseph Hathaway)

Related to your questions, Joseph, and F.I. the group:
For Kodak films, we provide the new codes to all Keykode reader and 
software manufacturers well in advance of releasing a new film.  This gives 
them ample opportunity to revise their software tables and provide their 
customers with updates.

A list of current Kodak film codes and other useful information can be 
found on Kodak's home page -- http://www.kodak.com

Don Ver Ploeg
Consultant for Kodak
Professional Motion Imaging