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Re: TWiGi?

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On 9/6/96 11:57 AM,   Tim Holmgren wrote-->
>   The other day I received a nice brochure from 
>   Innovation TK on their product
>   called TWiGi. I'm interested in learning more ...

Hi Tim,
We had a TWiGi here on demo recently and I was very favorably impressed. 
TWiGi is a new A to D system for the URSA and URSA Gold.  The original 102101
cards are removed and replaced with new cards that have four times the clock
frequency for the A to D sample.  Instead of Rank's questionable and
distorting double 8 bit conversion to approximate 14 bits  the TWiGi uses two
separate 12 bit flash conversions on alternate cycles and then averages the 4
samples to get one normal data pixel.  The analog video is afterglow corrected
in a box added to the Cell Box cover area.  This video is also pre-gamma
curved to a slight degree so that the 12 bit samples will have more bit
resolution at the bottom of the gamma curve.  After A to D conversion the data
is then digitally corrected back to 14 bits linear.  The PEC sockets and head
amps are replaced by new ones that appear to be much better decoupled than the
originals for improved signal to noise and reduced distortion that tends to
look like afterglow errors but isn't.  TWiGi is also promising full Aftergow
Corrected Burn Correction (which URSAs desperately need) but the demo unit we
saw didn't have that part done yet.  We saw a significant improvement in
Signal to Noise with TWiGi in.   We have not yet purchased TWiGi but may in
the near future.  We did purchase the head amp / PEC socket assemblies which
are very reasonably priced and could be fitted to a MK3 or Turbo as well.  The
A to D part of the system though is only suitable for URSA / URSA Gold
Dave Corbitt
Manhattan Transfer / Edit, Inc.