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Re: Gamma & Density questions

On the subject of Gamma & Density,
Vince Forcier wrote:
>could some colorists with experience using this chart tell me how it works<

good  thing  you asked. I didn't want to bring up a dead horse since it was a
topic a while ago.
I have been transferring a feature for the past few weeks and the D.P.
insists on using
these charts.   From my own experience with this feature and others I have
I have found that if an experienced camera op. or DP  whoever... uses these
charts   >correctly<   exposure, etc. I'll be in the ballpark.  with this
feature, I've relied on the traditional B&W  smart slates.  with no
complaints. (using the G&D charts would I usually end up in left field or in
the cheap seats)

Frank Rodriquez