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Re: Reply from Benjie C. Lopez

Benjie C. Lopez wrote:

Thanks for the info. Just want to clarify on the price point, are you 
implying that the two manufacturers (Philips/BTS and Kodak) will 
probably be selling their machines at a million dollars or more for 
their products? Well, I hope to know from IBC. By the way, do you know 
the URL of IBC? Once again, thanks for the info.


Benjie C. Lopez

I have not seen a formal price list for Spirit or Thunder, but my understanding
is that the ticket for a fully equipped machine is over a million dollars.
Strong rumours seem to be that a lot of people will lease the package rather
than buy outright.

One unconfirmed rumour I have heard is that a 525/625 line only Spirit will be
available at the same sort of price as an URSA Gold, just under the half million
dollars. That does not make a lot of sense to me: because of the way Spirit
works (scanning a high resolution then down-converting to whatever output you
need), to make a standard definition only Spirit saves just the high definition
and data output boards.

IBC can be virtually visited at http://www.ibc.org.uk/ibc/.

Dick Hobbs