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Re: ocn film flats

UserWent at aol.com wrote:
> Dave Corbitt....when transferring film for avid dailies and film goes out of
> frame.  You should stop, reframe, find the next a-frame, punch it,make an
> a-frame edit and continue as if it were a new film roll.  This allows the
> editor to treat it as such.  this method has always worked for me, hope it
> helps you...
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I'm sorry, maybe I'm in the minority here, but I think that punching
holes in the negative is a barbaric practice. Our business is about the
pictures and the pictures should be regarded as sacred. I've seen many
occasions when the camera reports were clearly marked with red marker
"Critical end. Do not punch." and yet the lab or the negative cutter
punched a perfectly usable frame of film. In this day when accurate
records and burn ins of the keykode numbers are possible there is no
excuse for this.

Martin Zeichner