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Re: ocn film flats

Martin Zeichner wrote:

> I'm sorry, maybe I'm in the minority here, but I think that punching
> holes in the negative is a barbaric practice. Our business is about the
> pictures and the pictures should be regarded as sacred. I've seen many
> occasions when the camera reports were clearly marked with red marker
> "Critical end. Do not punch." and yet the lab or the negative cutter
> punched a perfectly usable frame of film. In this day when accurate
> records and burn ins of the keykode numbers are possible there is no
> excuse for this.

Punching the film in the slate area is not interfering with any action.
I agree that tail punches are probably unnecessary these days, in fact,
we've never used them in the last 5 years or so. As for accurate records
through burnins, they're only as accurate as the reader itself, which,
if it fails to roll over during a roll change or a splice, is quite
inaccurate. The only way to properly identify a particular film frame
without any ambiguity is to visually identify the "0" frame of the key
number (by looking at the negative directly), put a physical mark on it,
then transfer it. In fact, for shows that we transfer that assemble the
negative prior to domestic air (NYPD Blue and Murder One), we still put
a punch at the head of each shot, just to be extra cautious. Of course,
it also helps if you have a telecine assistant to manually check each
shot as it is recorded....

Mike Most